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Q: What is an arraignment?
A: The arraignment is a hearing in court in which the defendant is formally charged with an offense, given a copy of the complaint, and informed of his/her constitutional rights. The defendant enters a plea of "guilty" or "not guilty" at this hearing.

Q: What is an FSC (Felony Settlement Conference)?
A: An FSC takes place before the preliminary hearing. It is an informal discussion between the prosecution and the defense attorneys in front of the judge in which they exchange information and try to negotiate a resolution to the case. Sometimes more than one FSC occurs before the preliminary hearing.

Q: What is a preliminary hearing?
A: The preliminary hearing is not a trial. It is a hearing in court at which witnesses testify and the judge decides if there is enough evidence to require the defendant to stand trial. The jury is not

Q: What is a TRC (Trial Readiness Conference)?
A: A TRC takes place after the preliminary hearing and before the trial. This is a meeting of attorneys before a judge to inform the court as to how the case is proceeding, what documents have been shared, any settlement negotiations, probable length of trial, and other matters relevant

Q: What is a TSC (Trial Status Conference)?
A: The TSC is the hearing set just prior to trial. It is the final confirmation by both sides that they are ready to go to trial within a day or two.

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